The Cassarà business produces authentic Sicilian wines in Alcamo, a town with a great oenological tradition, well-known for the production of "Bianco Alcamo".

The family-owned vineyards are grown on the rolling hills around Alcamo, on the north-west coast of Sicily, not far from the Greek temple of Segesta.

There are indigenous and international vines, perfectly aligned in rows by hand.

Antonello Cassarà's wine-production facility, surrounded by its green vineyards in a happy union of nature and technology, is situated in Fiume Land. This name derives from the Freddo River flowing nearby.

A small chapel, dedicated to the "Madonna ofFiume" marks the boundaries of the estate on the south. The estate is surrounded by a hilly landscape in a geometrical fashion, in which human and natural elements are perfectly blended : some small cottages scattered here and there, are in keeping with the espaliered vines covering the hills.

Some areas are more exposed to "scirocco", a strong wind from Africa, while other ones are oriented towards the sea breeze, a light wind which softens the harsh climate and carries the smell of the sea air. In the background the sea frames this typical sicilian picture which evokes nostalgic sensations and creates a pleasant, poetic atmosphere; it gives the feeling of travelling back in time.